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Pinball Brothers

ABBA Arrival Limited Edition - Limited to 500 Units

ABBA Arrival Limited Edition - Limited to 500 Units

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Buckle up for the ultimate ABBA adventure! Your mission is to make ABBA
immortal by forging their Abbatars. To succeed, you need to gather their souls
and travel through both time and space – all so you can open the portal to the
Voyage dimension, where the ancient Medallion of Power hides.

This game features more than 20 of ABBA’s greatest hits and music videos.
All featuring a fully interactive Arrival Helicopter from the iconic Arrival album cover
and a disco ball to deliver the full ABBA experience.

The Medallion of Power is your magic key during this journey. Piece it together and let the rapid voyage through time and dimensions begin.
Creating their Abbatars requires you to gather three main elements: the band member’s instruments, outfits and very souls. To further enhance the ABBA experience, you'll get to time travel to the 70’s and 80’s and follow their footsteps during their tours in Sweden, the Nordics, Europe, the USA, Australia, and Japan. And if transcending time and space isn't enough, there's a third voyage waiting for you...
Completing these tasks opens a portal to the enigmatic Voyage dimension. Dive into it quickly to search for the Medallion of Power, conquer three epic multiball battles, and face the final wizard mode. The better you do during these crucial moments, the more charged with power the medallion will become.

Will you secure ABBA's place among the stars? Play and find out.

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