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Stern Pinball



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Collect your gems to defeat Thanos and bring order back to the Marvel Universe. This official Stern topper tops off your Avengers Pinball and really ties it all together. Fits all models - Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. Here's how it works:

How to start the Topper Mode:

Collect all 6 gems featured on the topper during the course of normal gameplay. Each unlit gem you collect during your normal game will light up on the topper solid when collected. Once the 6th gem is collected, the mode will start right away before releasing the ball from the tower up post.

Topper Mode is Progressive:

Each gem you collect on the topper is progressive in that it carries over from game to game for all players. So whoever is lucky / skillful enough to collect the proper gem starts it. Once the mode is started, all topper gems are un-lit until the next time they are all lit again. Topper gems are also power tolerant, so they will carry over even if you power off your game.

Gem Mania mode name:

Features a dynamic randomly generated mode name! Could be Gem Mania, but also can be Stone Frenzy, or Rock Craze, or Elemental Delerium. This is randomly generated from two lists of names. Although the mode name is completely random, the mode iteself has the same rules regardless of the name it gets.

Attract Mode:

- The dynamic name is used for the High Score Champion for Gem Mania, aka "Ornament Excitement Champion"

- There is also a topper page in the attract screens that says how many gems left to collect before starting "Mineral Hysteria". When this page shows up in attract mode the topper gem lamps are flashed if they are yet to be collected and the ones that are currently collected are held on steady.

Gem Mania Rules:

- 3 ball multiball

- 1M Points awarded for starting the mode

- All Arrows are lit White for a small Jackpot of 150K

- All Gems are initially un-lit, but can be lit up as switch thresholds are reached

- Switch threshold starts at 50 and then increments by 10 each as each Gem is lit and collected

- When Gem is lit all Gem inserts light up on the shots (placed in topper order left to right)

- Shoot a lit Gem to collect the current Final Jackpot value at 1X, increment the X for the Final Jackpot, and restart the switch collecting phase for the next Gem

- Final Jackpot value starts at 5K and increments by 5K for each switch hit as the mode progresses

- If you drain down to one ball before collecting the 6th gem you have 10 seconds to shoot the Gauntlet Ramp to cash out your Final Jackpot at the current multiplier or the mode ends.

- Otherwise, collecting the 6th Gem cashes out the Final Jackpot and the flippers go dead until the balls are recovered and the mode ends.

- Up to three Add-A-Balls can be awarded by spelling out THOR at the captive ball

Part Number 502-7131-00

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