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Mad Pinball

Elements - Standard Edition Deposit

Elements - Standard Edition Deposit

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$500 Deposit - $6,500 MSRP

Limited to 100 Units

Elements is our next original pinball machine concept that features two modes, a different unique adventure with every play. Built with above industry standard quality parts, you can trust that the Elements delivers a professional solid platform that cradles a fun yet challenging playfield that appeals to all. HELP RESTORE OUR WORLD!

Features & Spec's

Game Features: Hard or Easy Version (FINISHED CODE)

  • Gift from the Gods Multi-ball
  • Three Flippers and Mini Upper Playfield
  • Shake Tree Attack
  • Element Super Pop’s
  • Forge your weapon
  • 7X or 9X Stationary/ 4X-Stand-up Targets
  • 2X Newton Balls
  • Training Scoop
  • Pulsing Infinity Mirror
  • Kickback

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